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Great view of Dahab

A Great View of Dahab…

Just a short distance from Red C Villas, there is a trail that leads up a small mountain. You could say it’s more of a large hill. It’s around 25 minutes door-to-door if you fancy a brisk morning walk, but plan on 40 minutes if a sunset saunter with the kids is more your style. The view is stunning, and it is well worth bringing a camera to snap a panorama of Dahab when you get to the top.

On a clear day, you can see the Blue Hole and Ras Abu Galum to the north. The whole of Dahab and the Southern Oasis (3 Pools) stretches out to the south, and Tiran Island, which is over 60 km away, is visible on very clear days. The mountains of Saudi Arabia, across the Gulf of Aqaba, turn breath-taking hues of pinks and reds at sunset.

Great view of Dahab

Before leaving your apartment, pop on your trainers (flip-flop are ok, but not ideal), grab a bottle of water (at least a litre per adult in the summer), and slap on some sun cream.

Turn left out of the Red C Villas main gate, and walk north up the road out of Dahab that heads to the Canyon dive site. After less than 100 metres, the beach will open up and there will be no buildings on your right; you will notice a dirt track to your left heading up the wadi (desert valley). Follow the line of mountains in front of you, and you’ll see a flagpole set against the sky. That’s your destination.

After about 300 metres, the wadi begins to narrow. Stick to the left side, near to the half-built grey walls. There will be rocky escarpment on your left, and on the other side of the path is a sandy ridge, which turns sharply to the right after about 100 metres. Look for an empty, shallow sunken concrete trough marking the start for the mountain path. The climb is not too challenging as some steps have been made.

After a several minutes climb, about half way up, you’ll find a sandy saddle that looks out to sea. This is a good spot to stop and sit, have a sip of water, and contemplate your assault on the summit, which you’ll see a short distance about you. Once you reach the top, you’ll find 360 degrees of stunning sea and mountain views. Spend some time taking it all in, but be aware that the flagpole ridge feels quite narrow, especially on windy days. Best to tell the kids to take it easy as you get near the top!

Dahab walking trail from red C Villas to a small mountain

This is great activity year-round, so give it a try next time you stay with us. You’ll always get a stunning view and some great snaps of Dahab, making this climb well worth the effort.

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