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Discover the best dive sites in Dahab, scuba diving with the Red C Villas
A wide variety of stunning dive sites to cater for all levels …

Dahab’s coastline is a continuous fringing reef on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba. Because of the very limited rainfall, visibility rarely drops below 10-15 metres and is more than 25 metres in summer. The water temperature ranges from 28C in August to 21C in February.

The quality of easily accessible shallow dive sites, such as The Coral Garden and The Lighthouse, makes Dahab perfect for beginners.

Dahab also has fantastic topographical features, such as The Blue Hole and The Canyon. These dive sites are sure to thrill experienced divers. Deep water drop-offs close to shore make Dahab a mecca for technical divers.

Water chart - average sea temperature in Dahab


A pick of the dive sites you’ll explore with our Dive & Relax and Dive & Explore packages:


The Canyon is an underwater cavern that starts at 18 metres. It bottom is at 30 metres and has loads of room to explore. Watching the light flood in from above is an awesome experience. Exit the Canyon and pass ‘the fishbowl,’ which teems with beautiful lionfish, anthias and possibly a Red Sea walkman. The Coral Garden that surrounds this site is stunning, with shallow coral pinnacles abundant with life, such as octopus and the occasional scorpionfish. Swim along the edge a drop-off that starts at 16 metres and slopes away into the deep blue waters.

Level: Advanced and above


The Lighthouse reef forms the north end the bay in the centre of Dahab (Masbat). With a sandy entry point, gently sloping reef, and a stunning pinnacle adorned with anthias and glassfish, Lighthouse is a brilliant training site for beginners. You can also do some great dives along the deeper reef. The ridge of coral that marks the head of the bay is home to two bar bream, a school of yellow-tailed goatfish, and trevally. There is also a good chance of spotting Napoleon wrasse, turtles and tuna.

Level: Suitable for all dive levels


Descending down the U-shaped Bells is like doing an underwater waterslide. Exit the Bells at 26 metres onto a sheer wall, adorned with purple soft corals, that plunges into the depths. Swimming next to this massive wall is a sublime experience. Enjoy the life on the wall, but don’t forget get to look out into the blue as you might see turtles, tuna and even the odd whaleshark. Enter the Blue Hole over a coral saddle at 7 meters. It’s relatively shallow depth and diverse coral and fish make it one of the dive’s highlights. A swimming safety stop across the Blue Hole itself can often be spent watching the freedivers swim up and down their buoy lines–just remember to keep to your depth!

Level: Advanced and above


Enter through a crack in the reef table into a set of linked coral lagoons where you might find blue-spotted stingrays. Then swim through a labyrinth of amazing hard coral formations at six metres that links two underwater islands together. Snappers and a school of Barracuda are often seen hanging in the current at this dive site . Descend down to 15 metres and swim around the back of the island. Don’t miss the giant brain coral, which is estimated to be hundreds of years old!

Level: Suitable for all dive levels


Eel Garden is home to a large colony of garden eels. They live in tubular burrows on the sandy bottom, their heads bent into the current to pick up passing food. We enter the dive site through a lagoon in the reef table, then descend to 18 metres to check out the eels. As we approach, they duck down into their borrows for safety. Our route to the exit takes us past a shallow reef that is home to a huge diversity of species. We often see Napoleons, flounders, white-spotted puffers and trunkfish.

Level: Suitable for all dive levels


This site is in the southern oasis area, five kilometres south of Dahab. Enter through a break in the reef table and descend down to 18 metres, where more than 100 Garden eels stick out of the sand and feed. Swim over a multitude of table corals; be sure to look under them for pufferfish. Then we shallow up to 12 metres and follow a beautiful reef wall. Keep an eye out for scorpion fish and nudibranchs.

Level: Suitable for all dive levels


Please contact us if you’d like to add one of these trips to a Dive & Relax or Dive & Explore package.


2 dives (with a 3rd dive option)

Lunch and soft drinks

Gabr el Bint ranks among one of the most attractive local dive sites. An hour from Dahab by boat, it offers a breathtaking coral lagoon and racks of stunning Gorgonian fans. The diversity and quality of coral on this site are simply stunning; we often spot turtles, giant trevally, and snappers to name a few. Whale and hammerhead sharks have been seen here occasionally.

Level: Advanced and above


2 or 4 dives, depending on whether you want to stay overnight

Lunch, water and as much Bedouin tea as you can drink

A camel will carry you and your dive gear

Ride your camel north along the shore to the Bedouin settlement of Ras Abu Galum. Drink some tea, then kit up and dive. Swim through a lagoon onto a beautiful shallow garden, pass a pinnacle teaming with glass fish, and dive down to the drop off at 18 metres. Tuna, turtles, Picasso triggerfish and octopus are regularly seen here. There are a few beautiful sites in the area, so guests often choose to stay overnight. Spend the night sleeping on the beach and enjoy some Bedouin hospitality before another day’s diving.

Level: All dive levels


2 dives on the wreck

1 dive on Shark and Yolanda reef in Ras Mohammed National Park

Transfers to and from Sharm el Sheikh

Breakfast, lunch and soft drinks

A merchant navy ship, sunk in 1941, carrying military supplies to the British 5th army – dive past WW2 rifles, jeep and motorcycles. Discovered by Jacques Cousteau, it’s considered one of the world Top 10 dive sites. Need we say more?

Level: Advanced and above

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We dearly needed a week away from cold Europe, filled with some serious adventures. We could not have hoped for a better hosts than Steve and Summer, who not only provided amazing accommodation in their pristine villas, but also, with eagerness and competence, arrange a fantastic feast of experiences for us and our two boys of 7 and 9:
The first bubblemaker dives for the eldest, snorkeling into the Blue Hole for the whole family, genuine rock climbing with skilled well-equipped guide, sandboarding down giant dunes, delicious Bedouin dinner deep in the desert under a virtual haze of stars, a tough scramble up Mount Sinai and much more.
Steve enthusiastically made sure that we were housed and hosted with great care and that every second counted during our time there. We cannot wait to return next winter and yet again enjoy an active home away from home.

PeterErben, TripAdvisor