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Happy Ramdan from Red C Villas Dahab

Ramadan Kareem!

Just a quick post to wish all our Muslim friends a happy Ramadan.

Those observing the Ramadan will fast from sunrise to sunset, until the Iftar or breakfast. The Iftar is often organised as communal meal with juices, soups, appetizers, mains and desserts. Fasters will often initially break the fast with a couple of dates and water or, sometimes, a date-infused milk drink.

My favourite part …

There are many wonderful things about Ramadan – time spent with families, an increased sense of community, lanterns and decorations, peace offerings, etc etc, the list goes on. But I’m going to have to confess and admit that (possibly) my favourite part of Ramadan can be summed up in two words:

Coconut Basboussa.

And more specifically, coconut basboussa available from the Egyptian bakery in Assalah square.
Let us know if you’re heading out to visit us soon. I’ll pick up the basboussa:

Till next blog,

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