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View of Dahab's Bay
Here are some tips, facts and opinions about our favorite place in Egypt.


Unlike some of the larger Red Sea resorts, which were built solely for tourism, Dahab has retained its local flavour.

Dahab was originally a Bedouin fishing settlement and is now a vibrant community on the shores on the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea. Staying here immerses you in a bustling Egyptian community.

Dahab offers a relaxed pace of life and lots of great restaurants, shops and bars. English is widely spoken.

Dahab is an hour drive away from Sharm El Sheikh International airport(SSH). Please contact us to arrange airport transfers.

There is also reliable bus service from Cairo.

Sunny weather in Dahab CLIMATE

There are only three to five days of rain a year. Midsummer days can creep above 40°C. At night, temperatures can drop below 10°C in the winter months, so it’s good to bring a couple of jumpers if you are visiting between late November and April.


The range of goods in our supermarkets, fresh fruit & veg shops, pharmacies and watersports shops may surprise you and we can help you get most of what you may be looking for or might have forgotten. There’s no Marmite, brown sauce, pickle or pork products but the Brazilian beef fillet won’t disappoint! There are bottle shops in town. The local beer is good and the wine and vodka aren’t bad, but pop into the airport duty free for imported spirits or a special bottle of champagne to celebrate your arrival.

Pharmacies are well-stocked and are generally fairly priced and helpful. Most medications do not need a prescription.

Visas are not needed unless you want to travel to mainland Egypt, are transiting through Cairo or plan to visit the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm.

If any of these apply, buy a visa online or from the kiosk before immigration control when you arrive at the airport.

Contact us for full details.

money MONEY

Many restaurants don’t take cards, but there are plenty of ATMs that change foreign currency and banks (remember that Friday and Saturday is the Egyptian weekend). Keep cash and payment cards in your safe.

safety SAFETY

Dahab is exceptionally safe, with a very low crime rate, and the overwhelming majority of residents are completely honest. But, just as you would anywhere, be aware and keep your valuables locked in your apartment’s safe if you are going out.

dress code travelling to Dahab WHAT TO WEAR

In touristic areas of Dahab (such as Lighthouse) you don’t need to be concerned, but relatively modest dress is recommended when in town. Egyptians generally dress more modestly than people do in many parts of Europe.

This holiday is definitely one I won’t forget for a long time. Red C Villas are situated on the outskirts of Dahab and have stunning views over the Sinai mountains and the somewhat mysterious coastline of Saudi Arabia.Our apartment was spacious, luxuriously decorated and had the most comfortable mattress I have ever had the good fortune to sleep on. The complex itself was a peaceful oasis; the only noise being the call to prayer of a mosque further into town, cementing you further into the culture of the area.

Liphook, TripAdvisor